4 Secret Ways to Save on Summer Vacation Rentals

When you’re on vacation, one of the biggest expenses is a place to stay. Hotels and resorts are incredibly costly, totaling hundreds of dollars per day.

But there is an alternative: vacation rentals. This summer, instead of staying in hotels, consider booking a vacation rental. This simple move could save you a lot of money.

And when you choose to book a vacation rental instead of a hotel, you can still take advantage of deals and discounts. You just need to know how to find – and how to get – discounts specifically for vacation rentals. Here are a few little-known ways you can cut costs on your next rental.

1. Ask for a Discount

One easy and straightforward way to save money on a vacation rental is to ask for a discount.

While it might sound obvious, not everyone realizes that the home you’re booking is owned by a real person. And that person may be willing to cut you a deal or offer a discount to get your booking.

Ask for a discount if you’re planning a longer summer trip. Experienced travelers say that renting a place for a week or longer, or renting multiple places in the same location, are great ways to get a price break from the property owner. Owners are often willing to give group discounts, lower prices if you’re a returning renter, or even first-time renters who could come back again and again.

2. Check for Price Matching

You might know that hotels will price match travel websites and other discounted rates if you find a lower price for their rooms elsewhere. But did you know that vacation rentals will do the same?

According to Business Insider, price matching can get you a lower rate. There are plenty of websites that offer vacation rentals, and it’s common for owners to list their properties on a few of them to get more eyes on their homes. So, if you spot the same vacation rental somewhere else for a lower price, reach out and see if they offer price matching.

Make sure to check with the site or owner you’re booking through to see if price matching is possible. You could save money on each night of your booking.

3. Reach Out to the Owner and Negotiate

Just asking for a discount can get you a lower price on a vacation rental – and so can negotiating. While it might not seem like it’s possible, you can absolutely negotiate the prices you see online for vacation rentals.

When you stay at a hotel, you’re one of hundreds or thousands of anonymous travelers. There’s no reason to negotiate; if you aren’t willing to pay the hotel’s price, there are plenty of other vacationers who are. However, that isn’t the case when you’re renting a private home.

Homeowners want to fill their vacation homes with renters. And if their rental hasn’t been getting attention or they’re in need of cash, they’ll be willing to work with you on the price. But only if you’re willing to ask for a deal.

So, while there’s no guarantee that you’ll score a lower price, you can try negotiating with the vacation rental owner. You can message the host or owner and work out a better price. Owners may be willing to waive cleaning fees, slash booking fees, or outright lower the cost per night.

4. Shop Around Before You Book

Before you settle on a vacation rental, it’s important to shop around and consider all your options. You need to know what’s available, and at what price, before you book your summer vacation.

You can find vacation rentals for any city around the world. You just need to search for them. Sites like HomeAway, Airbnb, and TripAdvisor offer millions of vacation rentals to browse.

Knowing your options will also help you save. You can browse increasingly more vacation rental websites every year, giving you more options in more destinations. And this means you’re able to check out different rental choices at different prices ranges.

Look for vacation rentals within your budget, and make sure to check out other websites too. You’ll want to compare all of your options to find the right vacation rental at the best price. You could get more space for the same price on a different website. Or you might be able to get a similar rental at a much lower price.

If you don’t shop around before booking, you’ll lose the chance to save money. Make sure to compare your options and consider different vacation rentals in order to score the lowest price and the best deal.

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