5 Cell Phones to Watch for in 2017

Who wants a new phone? We know you want one. If you want to ditch your old and busted phone for new some hot, new technology, here are five new phones that are coming soon:

1. Apple iPhone 8

The iPhone 7 did not make a big change over the iPhone 6. The biggest change, positive or negative, was the lack of a headphone jack. Hopefully the changes for the iPhone 8 will be much better, as rumors are circulating that it’s taking its inspiration from the Apple Watch.

Apple released a Series 2 device, and it’s ceramic. Paired with jet black coloring for the iPhone 7, this serves as a hint for what type of materials Apple is going to use for the iPhone 8.

Some are even saying that the iPhone 8 will be primarily glass and have wireless charging. We’re sure you’d appreciate not having to step away from your phone because your cord won’t even stretch to the end of a table. A special edition of the ceramic version will be made too.

It’s rumored that an iPhone 7S and 7S Plus are also coming out alongside the iPhone 8. Plenty of options for you to choose from, it’s up to you to see which version you like best.

2. Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung has had great success with the Galaxy S7, particularly the S7 edge model. We won’t be discussing the issues with the Note 7’s battery here. The Galaxy S8 may need to step up their game to compensate for their shortcomings, though.

There are rumors that there will be a flat version of the S8. The biggest trend in smartphones used to be making them smaller, and it seems now the trend is to make them more flat. Supposedly, there will only be curved devices offered in two sizes, with increased screen resolution up to 4K. There’s no information on the body design, but expect something really thin.

The S8 will probably have the Exynos chipset, or it could have the Snapdragon 835 version. Expect to see Samsung move to the USB Type-C. As for their software, the S8 will launch on the Android Nougat with TouchWiz.

The release date for the Samsung S8 is February 26 this year. Although there is another rumor floating around that April 2017 is the real release date.

3. Nokia D1C and P1

The Nokia will be coming back with smartphones for the 2017 year. What exactly will this new phone offer? Well, no one’s really sure about that.

It is known that there will be at least two models for you to choose from: the D1C and the P1. The D1C is a mid-range offer that comes with a Snapdragon 430 chipset and full HD display in two sizes: 5.2 and 5.5 inches.

The P1 will be the metal flagship device for Nokia. It may be offered in two different sizes, and will have Quad HD display. This one will offer the latest when it comes to hardware along with an amazing camera. Who doesn’t love a phone with a nice camera? Other than that, there’s not much to say about the brand right now. Not even a rumored release date.

4. LG G6

There is a naming issue, seeing that the LG G6’s name is used by their flagship TV. The name will most likely be changed to something else.

There are a couple of rumors spreading around. The LG seems to be moving away from the modular approach taken with the G5. This means it probably won’t have any cool buddies for you to look at and buy immediately after you buy the G6.

With the G5 being difficult to use and with Motorola offering an alternative with Moto Z, the LG flagship will be much easier to navigate.

The launch for a new handset will be made at the Mobile World Congress this year.

5. HTC Ocean

This will be HTC’s next flagship handset, possibly going under the name of HTC Ocean. The name was leaked from a video that showed off the concept handset. It was leaked via Twitter from a reliable source that also says that there are three Ocean smartphones in development.

It’s early for rumors, but it seems to be that this video was focused on a new method for interaction. Instead of using buttons like every phone does, you could use a combination of voice, gestures, and swipes to make things happen.

Other than that, there’s not much else to say. It could have a completely different name by the time it comes out, which is suspected to be around February or March of this year.

Know what you want to get? It can seem overwhelming with all of the different options and features to consider, but we think that as long as you pick a phone that fits your personality and, most importantly, how often you actually use the phone, you should be just fine. Choose wisely!

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