Canada’s Most Highly Anticipated Compact SUVs for 2018

There is a lot to look forward to in 2018 for fans of compact SUVs. Many of the leading auto manufacturers are releasing vehicles that come equipped with standard infotainment packages, automatic safety controls, and premium features like leather interiors.

This article is going to cover four of the most anticipates compact SUVs for the Canadian market. We will cover several important details for each model like their fuel economy, technical specifications, and safety features.

2018 Audi Q5

MSRP: Starts at $41,500

Engine: 252-horsepower V6

Seating: Five

Drivetrain: All-wheel drive

Cargo Capacity: 549.34 litres

Fuel Economy City: 10.22 litres per 100 kilometers

Fuel Economy Highway: 8.7 litres per 100 kilometers

The 2018 Audi Q5 comes with a wide range of electronic gadgets that are designed to hook up with your favorite devices. All of the models can be outfitted with hands-free communication software, navigation, and satellite radio. It also comes with a rearview camera that helps make parallel parking a breeze.

In terms of luxurious features, all models come with heated seats that are much appreciated during the cold winter months. The base model comes with a powerful two-litre 252-horsepower engine. If you prefer a more powerful ride, you can upgrade to the 440-horsepower V6 engine instead.

The base model has a relatively modest fuel economy that gets 10.22 litres per 100 kilometers in the city and 8.7 litres per 100 kilometers on the highway. With a base price of $41,500, the 2018 Audi Q5 offers a wide range of features that make it an attractive option to consider.

2018 BMW X3

MSRP: Not officially released

Engine: 248-horsepower V6

Seating: Five

Drivetrain: All-wheel drive

Cargo Capacity: 1,775 litres

Fuel Economy City: Pending official release

Fuel Economy Highway: Pending official release

The 2018 BMW X3 is designed with your comfort in mind. One of the newest additions is a three-zone comfort control system that is perfect for ensuring all occupants can select their preferred temperature. The base model comes with a partially digital display and the standard sports seating that is fairly comfortable. If you upgrade to the luxury model, you get an upholstered dashboard and two-tone finishers on the front and rear of the car.

This 2018 model comes standard with the latest version of BMW’s infotainment system, iDrive. This system can connect to a variety of smartphones via Bluetooth and supports streaming video calls and music. If you opt for the navigation package, you receive a 26-centimeter touchscreen display as well. One of the most interesting features of this model is the unique car-to-car communications system that alerts other vehicles to potential roadside threats.

The standard model comes equipped with a 2.0-litre engine that sports 248-horsepower. It also comes with a collision detection system that automatically helps stop the car after an accident. It is important to note that this model is still pending official release in just a month or two, so official pricing and fuel performance details are not available.

2018 Ford EcoSport

MSRP: Starts at $19,995

Engine: 1.0-litre EcoBoost

Seating: Five

Drivetrain: Front-wheel drive

Cargo Capacity: 591.82 litres

Fuel Economy City: Pending official release

Fuel Economy Highway: Pending official release

The 2018 Ford EcoSport is another great option to consider for users who want something a little smaller. This model comes equipped with Ford’s signature entertainment solution, Sync 3. The car features a 20-centimeter touchscreen interface that supports full gesture control. There will be an app available that allows users to remotely check fuel levels, unlock the vehicle, and locate it as well.

The EcoSport comes with a wide range of options that are designed to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. With options like automatic temperature control and heated seats, you can be sure you will be comfortable for the duration of your ride.

For safety features, Ford has announced that blind spot warning will be available on all models. Other safety features may be available, but have not been officially announced at this time. One thing worth mentioning is that the rear gate opens to the side. This can prove to be problematic for small spaces where parallel parking is required.

2018 Volvo XC60

MSRP: Starts at $41,500

Engine: 2.0-litre/250-horsepower

Seating: Five

Drivetrain: All-wheel drive

Cargo Capacity: 1,792 litres

Fuel Economy City: 10.69 litres per 100 kilometers

Fuel Economy Highway: 8.4 litres per 100 kilometers

The 2018 Volvo XC60 has a lot to offer in terms of comfort and dependability. The base model comes with their signature Pilot Assist system. This technology can help with a variety of potentially dangerous situations with things like lane assist and automatic emergency stopping. This makes it a definite win for users who are concerned about safety.

It also comes equipped with a standard infotainment system that connects with a variety of smartphones and tablets. With options like hands-free calling and music streaming, you can be sure that you will always be connected while traveling.

The base model comes with a four-cylinder two-litre engine that produces 250 horsepower that is more than sufficient for the average user. Additional engine upgrades are available for users that prefer a bit more power under the hood. This model is one of the larger selections covered and is an ideal fit for users who prefer a car with more legroom throughout the vehicle.

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