How Seniors Are Saving Big on Contact Lenses

Your vision is crucial – and if your eyesight isn’t 20/20, then like most seniors, you’re relying on glasses or contacts to see clearly. However, both glasses and contacts can be extremely expensive.

And contacts, which have to be replaced weekly or even daily, can be the most expensive vision option. But there are ways seniors can save money. To do so, you just need to buy your contacts online.

The Benefits of Buying Contacts Online

Buying contacts online has become the most affordable and efficient way to get exactly what you need to see the world clearly. While you can see your doctor or order contacts from a pharmacy or even your health insurance company, you’ll pay more.

Shop online, however, and there are plenty of ways to save. Online retailers are able to sell the very same contacts you’ve been wearing for years at a lower price. You can save up to 40 percent on the cost of your contacts by buying online.

Saving money on contacts isn’t just about being frugal. For many Medicare recipients, it may be a basic act of self-preservation. According to the University of Michigan Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation, coverage limits in existing Medicare policies leave many seniors underserved. And contact lenses are excluded from your coverage unless you have a supplemental plan, which means you’re left paying the whole cost.

In addition to saving nearly half off on your contacts, buying online is also convenient for seniors. If you’re unable to drive or have mobility issues, getting anywhere is a challenge. However, when you order and buy contacts online, you don’t have to leave home. Your contacts will be shipped right to you, whenever you need them.

Seniors will prefer buying online because it’s easier to remember too. Today’s contact lens websites will send you reminders before you run out. And no matter how sharp your memory is, buying online helps you focus your mental efforts on other subjects.

Where to Buy Contact Lenses Online

Thanks to the Internet, seniors can easily purchase contact lenses right from their computers and smartphones. Online, you’ll find more options, competitive pricing, and the contact lens brands you need from a variety of retailers. And some of the leading sellers are even backed by the same brick-and-mortar retailers that seniors already know and love.

Here are four of the best places to shop for and purchase contact lenses online.

1-800 Contacts

1-800 Contacts has been around since the mid-90s, and many seniors may recognize their toll-free ordering number. Being such a seasoned player makes this option good for the elderly — The company has a massive stock of brands and prescriptions from manufacturers including Bausch and Lomb, Johnson & Johnson, Alcon and CooperVision.

Seniors who prefer a straightforward online shopping experience might like 1-800 Contacts. You can sort products by specific types to find specialty lenses for conditions such as astigmatism, as well as pick up your eye care solution in the same sitting.


The LensCrafters’ contact page has a fair selection that includes most of the suppliers and products you’d find elsewhere. The company also sells lens packs in a variety of sizes to suit a range of vision conditions.

LensCrafters supports seniors by offering discounts for those with AARP membership. These consumers receive 10 percent off of every purchase of premium, disposable or conventional lenses. If you also decide to pick up regular glasses for when you’re not wearing your contacts, you can enjoy savings of 15 percent or more on the lenses or frames.

Walmart’s online arm carries a broad selection from Johnson & Johnson, Dailies, Freshlook, Bausch and Lomb, Acuvue and other companies. At the time of this writing, the retail giant was offering free shipping on all orders, which could help seniors save quite a bit.

Since Walmart’s physical Vision Center locations conduct eye exams, this option might be more convenient in general. Although the Walmart company generally doesn’t offer senior discounts, coupons are fairly easy to find online.


Walgreens has long been a popular retailer with seniors. Even better, the company is offering a whopping 25 percent discount on all online contact lens purchases made before the end of 2019 using the code SAVE25.

With most of the same brands as the other retailers in this review, Walgreens is a good choice for seniors who are trying to save money without compromising quality.

Where Will You Get Your Next Set of Contacts Online?

Buying contacts online is a smart, hassle-free way for elderly wearers to take care of an essential task. Shopping for contacts online also gives seniors the power to choose from a broader selection. Online stores rarely run out of stock. And with more affordable prices, you can save money on absolutely any kind of contacts.

Why spend all day running errands and picking up prescriptions when you can have better vision delivered straight to your front door?

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