How to Sell and Trade Unwanted Gift Cards This Holiday Season

There’s nothing worse than receiving a gift card you simply can’t use. Most people will likely find a gift card or two in their stocking this year, but not everyone has hopes of spending them on a new bread maker. Each holiday season passes and leaves behind gift cards that we simply cannot use or would require us to spend our own money for something we don’t really want.

Despite our best intentions, gift cards can go unused, but they don’t have to collect dust. The mass of unused plastic currency has opened up a whole industry of selling and trading unused gift cards and you can use this article to cash in on that. Here are several online and in-person methods to help you offload your excess gift cards!


EBay was the first place you could go online to sell or trade your gift cards. When you sell on eBay, just know that you are going to be offered less money than you can get through online card-selling sites. Offers will often sit 10 to 20 percent below the value of the card you’re selling. On top of that, Paypal takes their cut of 2.9% of the transaction.

Although EBay may be one of the easiest places to conduct a gift card sale, it does restrict certain transactions. You can only have a total of $500 value listed at a time. Electronically-redeemed codes are not eligible for sale on eBay, only physical gift cards. This is one of the biggest downsides to using this site if you intend to sell gift cards.


This website will accept gift cards that still have their full value, and in some cases, ones with a partial value. You can sell the gift cards electronically or sell the physical card, but that will result in higher fees and shipping costs. At the time of purchase, the seller is charged an 15% fee, and an additional $1 fee for physical card. Cards usually sell within 24 hours and Raise allows you to choose how you get paid, whether through PayPal, check, or direct deposit.

Gift Card Bin

Gift Card Bin only accepts physical cards through the mail, usually saddling the seller with the shipping cost. Despite this hassle, they tout themselves as 100% secure. To sell your card, you must have a minimum of a $10 value on a card or a maximum of $300 value. You can initiate the process through an online application form and you get paid via PayPal when your card is received.

Gift Card Zen

Unlike the previous site, Gift Card Zen mostly works with electronic gift cards. You can choose to either sell you gift card or exchange it for another card. If you are exchanging for another gift card, it will arrive electronically in your email within a few minutes of processing. If you choose to sell, you’ll be paid through Paypal within 10-14 days.

Card Cash

Card Cash is the most easily negotiable place to rid yourself of unwanted gift cards. They’ll accept any gift card, so long as it has a minimum balance of $1. Other sites have a higher minimum balance requirement, likely for efficiency, but Card Cash will take basically anything. Card Cash also has one of the largest inventories on the web. There are plenty of stores to choose from if you’d like to swap your card for another. Unfortunately, if you’re exchanging your card for another, the card you receive will likely have less value than the original. If you’re exchanging your card for cash, Card Cash offers one of the lowest rates of the online marketplaces.

Card Pool

Card Pool has kiosks and exchanges set up for in-person deposits, allowing you to offer your gift card on the spot. Hundreds of store brands are accepted, but the value Car Pool offers depends on the demand for the brand of card. Exchange locations include many chain grocery stores, and department stores.

You can also mail the physical card in and receive a no-obligation offer. By using this option, you can choose to be paid with either a mailed check or an Amazon gift card. Unlike many other card exchange sites, sellers receive up to 92% of the value of the card, which is very generous.

One downside of this service is that you have to provide a credit card number. This is used but Card Pool as a form of security. If the gift card they receive was obtained fraudulently, or if you spend the value of the card after you’ve sold it to Card Pool, they will charge your credit card.

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