The Best Diapers for Your Infant

When you have a baby, you find yourself looking for the perfect products to make parenting easier and life more comfortable for the infant. You research the best baby monitors, laundry detergents, and feeding accessories. Finding the best diapers is also important.

If you don’t use good diapers, you can end up with messy accidents at the most inopportune times. Moreover, your little one may be uncomfortable and fussy. A wet diaper can harbor bacteria and cause rashes. The best diapers fit your baby like a soft hug, wick away wetness, and prevent unpleasant leakage.

Pampers Swaddlers

If you’re used to working with diapers that feel stiff like plastic, you may be surprised when you feel Pampers Swaddlers. These feel like soft cloth and are comfortable against your baby’s skin.

The convenient wetness indicator is a yellow like that’s printed on the outside of the diaper. The indicator turns blue when the diaper is wet. This can help you change the diaper immediately. Protect babies’ sensitive skin by minimizing contact with warm, wet surfaces.

The diapers have Extra Absorb Channels, which pull wetness into the center of the diaper, away from the surface that touches your infant. They also have a notch that’s cut out to make room for a newborn’s umbilical cord stump. This keeps the area dry and less likely to foster the growth of bacteria.

You can find a box of 216 diapers in size one for roughly $42.99 on Amazon.

Pampers Cruisers

Although these diapers aren’t available for newborns and younger infants, they provide protection for mobile babies. Like Pampers Swaddlers, Cruisers contain Extra Absorb Channels and provide excellent wetness protection. The downside is that Cruisers don’t feel quite as soft as Swaddlers.

However, Cruisers are designed to fit snugly as your child moves around. A unique fit adjusts at the bottom and around the legs and waist to allow for freedom of movement. When some diapers become full, they sag in the back and bunch between the legs. Cruisers are made to be streamlined and prevent drooping.

A box of 180 Cruisers in size three costs roughly $41 on Amazon.

Huggies OverNites

One challenge that comes with having an infant is dealing with nighttime diaper changes. In some cases, babies wake up when they feel wetness. Therefore, it’s important to use a diaper that absorbs a lot of liquid and pulls it away from the skin. Diapers that you use throughout the night should be able to hold more than a daytime diaper.

Huggies OverNites offer plenty of absorbency. The company claims that the diapers are scientifically constructed to help your child sleep. If a leak wakes up your baby, you can contact Huggies for a full refund.

Diapers can shift when little ones move around. The friction against the bedding can exacerbate the problem. Huggies’ SnugFit waistband doesn’t gap or open even when your baby wiggles all night.

The diapers start at size three. Therefore, they may not be appropriate for newborns. A box of 72 diapers costs about $47 on Amazon.

Honest Diapers

Many consumers love Honest Diapers for their safety and visual appeal. They come in sweet prints, such as giraffes, anchors, pumpkins,flowers, and various sports themes.

The product is made with hypoallergenic and sustainable materials. The pulp that provides absorbency in the center panel of the diaper is made from plant-based pulp instead of man-made compounds.

While these diapers may be more eco-friendly than some of the mainstream brands, they offer slightly reduced functionality, though. Some consumers believe that these are more expensive than other brands. The prices on Amazon seem to be comparable.

Honest Diapers fit differently than some other brands. They come up higher at the waist, which can make them convenient when you’ve been dealing with leakage issues in that area. The waistband, leg bands, and tabs are soft and flexible.

A box of 176 size one diapers costs about $42 on Amazon.

Seventh Generation Free and Clear

Another contender in the natural category is Seventh Generation. These diapers don’t have bleaches, lotions, or fragrances that can aggravate sensitive skin. They’re made from sustainably sourced materials. Seventh Generation Free and Clear diapers feel softer than some of the other natural options.

The company claims that the ultra-absorbent core absorbs up to three times more liquid than a standard wetting. The high-capacity core also keeps moisture away from the skin.

A box of 160 size one diapers costs about $47 on Amazon.

Bambo Nature Baby Diapers

Bambo creates eco-friendly diapers that perform as well as they protect. The company claims that the product is certified to be free of hazardous chemicals and all known allergens. The diapers are softer and more flexible than many eco-friendly options. They offer a trim fit and move with your baby.

Some users say that these diapers run a little small. Therefore, you might have to go up a size from the traditional diapers that you’ve been using.

A box of 30 size 2 diapers costs about $12.80 on Amazon.

Earth’s Best TenderCare Chlorine-Free Diapers

Earth’s Best is a well-known brand of eco-friendly infant products. They are free of chlorine, dyes, fragrances, and latex. These diapers are also made from renewable resources, such as corn and wheat starch. Therefore, they don’t impact the environment as dramatically as traditional diapers.

One of the hallmarks of the best diapers for infants is the sticky tabs that secure the diapers. They need to fasten securely, but you don’t want them to stick so firmly that you tear the diaper if you have to reposition them. This is one area in which Earth’s Best TenderCare diapers shine. The grip tabs hold tight when you need them but release easily so that you can adjust them for the most secure fit.

The breathable sides help prevent rashes, while the moisture barrier at the cuffs thwarts leaks. These diapers are a little rougher to the touch than Bambo Nature diapers, though.

Some customers say that these diapers are a bit boxy. They would work well for chunkier babies, but they still may run a little small. Go up in size if you’re having trouble with sizing or leaks.

You can buy a pack of four boxes of 40 size 2 diapers on Amazon for about $64.80, making each box of 40 $16.20.

How to Save on Diapers

The prices of diapers on may fluctuate. As you go up in size, you’ll get fewer diapers for the price.

Because babies have different shapes, some fit into certain brands better than others. An ideal way to find the best diaper for your infant is to test out different kinds until you find one that works. Unfortunately, that can get expensive. Therefore, you probably want to know how to save on diapers.

If you’re shopping at a local store, use coupons. Some stores even double or triple manufacturers’ coupons. You can locate the coupons on your diaper manufacturer’s website, and in parenting magazines and the newspaper. If you’re having trouble finding a good source for coupons, ask your friends where they get theirs. Many parenting blogs also post links to clippable coupons.

Shopping online can make the purchasing process more convenient and help you save money. Many websites give you rewards or discounts on diapers.

Amazon Mom members get free shipping and a 20-percent discount when they shop with Subscribe & Save. Another option, Huggies’ Enjoy The Ride Rewards program allows you to earn points for each diaper purchase. You can redeem the rewards for free gifts later.

Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Target are some retailers that sell diapers in-store and online.

Buying in bulk can save you money. Stock up when you find a great deal. Being flexible with brands can also let you buy the most affordable option when it’s on sale or you have a coupon.

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