The Top 3 Best Mascaras

Invented in 1830, mascara has come a long way since the ingredients used to create the original product. Eugène Rimmel mixed petroleum jelly and coal dust to create the very first mascara sold on the market. Up until this point, women relied on mixing ingredients themselves to get nicer lashes.

This Frenchman had no idea, but he opened the doors for makeup lovers everywhere, giving you the chance to enhance the look of your eyelashes with a few swipes, decades after his seemingly simple invention.

Mascara has been used for many years, allowing women to have the length and volume of eyelashes they desire. Luckily, mascara is easy to use as well. Just a simple dip of the wand into the tube, a few precise swipes on the eyelashes, and you have fuller and longer eyelashes in seconds. Unfortunately, with all of the different benefits offered by various brands out there, it can be hard to find the right mascara for you.

There are a few things to consider when attempting to find the perfect mascara for your eyes. For one, the formula is especially important. The results you desire can be achieved with multiple formulas. If you want fuller lashes, consider a lighter formula.

Brushes are another thing to consider. Each shape of brush has a different function, and paired with the right formula, it will give you lashes to die for. Different brands will often offer the same benefits with their mascara, but the brush and formula will be what makes a certain product stand out for you. Pay attention to the different choices and choose wisely so you don’t have to keep trying out different mascaras.

YSL The Shock Volumizing Mascara

If you are in the mood for darker lashes that appear thicker, then you will probably want to try YSL’s The Shock mascara. This stuff has a special ink black formula that provides intense dark lashes for those who want to rock the smoky eye. When it comes to volume, this mascara has it, but it can become a little clumpy at times. If you like precise straight lashes you will want to steer clear of this mascara because of its tendency to clump. For those wanting the extra volume, the clumps are welcome.

You’re probably wondering where to buy this seemingly perfect volumizing mascara. This mascara is a high-end brand of makeup, so you’re more likely to find it in stores known for selling more expensive makeup. Ulta and Sephora are two stores that come to mind quickly, with Sephora offering it for $29. This mascara is more expensive than typical mascaras, but for the volume it gives, it’s worth it.

Clinique Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara

Though this mascara has a silly name, the formula makes up for it. This mascara has a chubby brush, which is where the name is derived from, giving you defined and fanned lashes with each swipe. The first coat is said to leave behind a slight tint of color, while added coats create beautiful lashes that everyone will notice. Clinique’s special formula defines lashes sharply instead of clumping.

You can find this mascara at different retailers, such as Sephora or Macy’s. This mascara is considerably cheaper than the first brand mentioned above – Sephora has it for just $21 – but the formula is just as effective, with its ability to define and volumize your lashes.

Urban Decay Perversion

Urban Decay has strived to be a brand known for fierce, impressive makeup that actually works. Their Perversion mascara is no exception. This formula is meant to give you soft lashes at first, with a fluttery feel. While most other mascaras try to attain the bombshell look; Perversion is meant to be striking. With a few coats, this mascara will leave your lashes looking more dramatic and darker than the other brands.

Urban Decay can be found in different makeup stores, most of which sell more expensive brands. Places like Sephora, Ulta, and even Macy’s carry it. When it comes to price, the Perversion mascara is in the mid-range between the YSL and the Clinique mascaras mentioned earlier, with Sephora selling it at $27.

It’s easy to rock the best mascara on your lashes, showing your dark and volumized eyes off to the world. However, finding the right mascara for you can be tricky. People often look at just the formula, just the brush, or just the brand, but this way of shopping for your perfect mascara is going to be ineffective. You should consider your goals as far as lashes go. Do you want volumized lashes? Do you want darker lashes? Do you want a glam look or a darker smoky look? Whatever your needs are, the right mascara is out there for you. By doing a little research on the brand, the formula, and the brush, you can determine which types and brands might be the best fit for your goals.

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