The Top 5 Bathroom Cleaners Best Suited for Seniors

Choosing the right cleaning products for your home is incredibly important. The right products can keep every inch of your space clean and healthy – and the wrong products can make cleaning more difficult.

The right cleaning products are especially important for seniors, particularly when it comes to the bathroom. Seniors need cleaning products that are safe to use and effective at cleaning up life’s toughest messes.

And the best bathroom cleaners for seniors can eliminate mold, remove bacteria and virus-causing germs, and get surfaces sparkling. Choose from the following top senior-friendly cleaners, and you’ll keep your bathroom clean and yourself healthy.

Mrs. Meyers

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products are made primarily with plant-based ingredients and essential oils. Some products may contain other ingredients, but they’re always chosen with the consumer’s health and wellness in mind. The result is a healthier bathroom cleaning product that smells great without exposing seniors to toxic fumes.

Choose from lavender and lemon verbena for the bathroom cleaning supplies. You can purchase toilet bowl cleaner, glass cleaner and tub and tile solution, but some of the general cleaning supplies are also suitable for the bathroom. For instance, the multi-surface concentrates are easily used in any room of the home.

We like Mrs. Meyers cleaning products for seniors because many products come in lightweight spray bottles. It’s easy to carry the bottles around the home, and seniors should have no problem pressing the spray handles.

Price Range: $3.99 to $8.99


If you want to pick up your bathroom cleaning products at a local store rather than buying online, Clorox is a good brand to consider. This is a well-known brand that is often carried in grocery stores as well as dollar and convenience stores. Many products from the brand are packaged in easy-to-use bottles, or seniors can use the disinfectant wipes in any room of the house.

The ToiletWand System allows seniors to clean the toilet without bending down to spray a cleaning solution under the rim. Tilex Daily Shower solution makes it easy to spray the shower stall down daily to keep it clean over time. Both of these products allow seniors to perform light daily cleaning chores that make deep cleaner later a bit easier.

Clorox products can have strong odors and may include ingredients that aren’t as healthy as those used by Mrs. Meyers. The Scentiva products are a good option for seniors who need to avoid typical cleaning odors.

Price Range: $3 and up

Scrubbing Bubbles

While Clorox offers cleaning products for every room of the home, Scrubbing Bubbles is specialized in the bathroom. They make general bathroom cleaning solutions plus products designed to combat the following problems:

  • Soap scum
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Limescale
  • Hard water stains
  • Toilet rings

Seniors battling any of these problems can pick up Scrubbing Bubbles products that provide fast, easy solutions. The brand is carried in many local stores, including some dollar or convenience stores.

We also recommend the Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Flushable Wipes for their ease of use. They come in a lightweight package and are easily used to wipe any surface clean. The wipes are ideal for seniors who struggle to lift or operate spray bottles and liquid concentrates.

Scrubbing Bubbles also makes a daily shower spray similar to the one offered by Clorox. The version from this brand receives better reviews from consumers online. Seniors may also appreciate the toilet bowl cleaner from this brand because it has a longer head that makes it easier to get the nozzle under the toilet bowl rim.

Price Range: Approximately $3

Seventh Generation

All Seventh Generation household cleaning products are USDA Certified Biobased. They’re made from plant materials that are safer than the chemicals used in many standard cleaning solutions. They also feature fresh aromas, including lemon chamomile, sparkling seaside, mandarin orange and fresh morning meadow. You can also select “free and clear” products if you want to stay away from strong scents.

For the bathroom, Seventh Generation offers a tub and tile solution and a toilet bowl cleaner, both in emerald and cypress fir scent. Seniors may also use some of the all-purpose cleaners because they come in easy-to-use spray bottles with a wider variety of scents. Those products are easy to use on most surfaces from the floor to the walls.

Seventh Generation also offers all-purpose wipes. They come in a lightweight package that is easy to carry around the house. That’s the most convenient option for seniors with limited ability to lift and operate bottles.

Price Range: $4 to $16


We recommend Lysol cleaning supplies for seniors vulnerable to infection and illness. While these cleaners may include some harsh ingredients and often have more intense aromas, they also kill germs and bacteria to create a more sanitary living environment. That’s great for seniors with compromised immune systems or other medical issues.

Lysol makes automatic toilet bowl cleaners that work with each flush. They can make cleaning the toilet bowl easier, especially for seniors unable to bend over to clean the bowl well. Other Lysol bathroom cleaning products are available in durable spray bottles that won’t break easily if dropped.

Seniors can clean most of the bathroom with one cleaner if they have the Lysol Power Bathroom Cleaner. It comes in island breeze scent for a more refreshing aroma. A toilet bowl cleaner that goes under the rim is still recommended for a sanitary bathroom.

Price Range: Approximately $3

Choose a Safe, Effective Cleaner for Your Bathroom

A clean home is essential for all seniors, but saturating the home with chemicals and harsh odors isn’t necessary. Selecting the best bathroom cleaner for seniors is a personal exploration. If you don’t like your first pick, there are many others on the market that may meet your needs.

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