Top 5 Travel Credit Cards

The best credit cards for travelers are the cards offering travel perks, upgrades, and no foreign transaction fees at any foreign ATMs for those who spend ample time out of the country. Whether it’s an airline card, a hotel card, or a travel card in general, the credit card industry is overwhelmed with credit cards that offer travelers the best travel rewards.

Compare the best cards available right now before you decide which one is right for you. Take into consideration your travel habits, your favorite brands, and whether you travel often enough to make a travel card beneficial in your wallet.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

What makes the Chase Sapphire Preferred card unique is its lack of brand loyalty. It’s not specific to one hotel group, airline, or other travel brand. This means the card is meant for maximum benefits in every situation no matter where you travel. Unlike a branded travel card, the Chase Sapphire doesn’t limit your reward earnings potential to just one airline or hotel.

  • Earn 2 points on every dollar spent dining in restaurants or on any travel purchase through hotels, airlines, and rental car agencies
  • Earn 1 point for every dollar spent on everything else
  • Book through Chase Ultimate Rewards and points are worth 25% more than they are when you book travel through other carriers
  • Earn 50,000 bonus points when you sign up for the card and spend $4,000 on purchases in the first three months of opening your account
  • Earn 5,000 bonus points when you add an authorized user and they use their card to make a purchase within three months of opening your account
  • $95 annual fee waived the first year you have this card
  • No foreign transaction fees

Southwest Rapid Rewards Travel Card

If you are brand-loyal to Southwest, you’re going to love the airline’s credit card perks. This low-cost airline is one of the best for those who travel domestically, and the card offers many perks that other airline cards might not offer on such good travel deals.

  • Earn 6,000 bonus points every year on your cardmember anniversary
  • Points never expire
  • Earn 2 points for every $1 spent on all Southwest Airlines purchases as well as with any Rapid Rewards member hotel and car rental partner
  • Earn 1 point for every $1 spent elsewhere
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Luggage flies free
  • No fees to change your flights
  • Earn 40,000 bonus points after spending $1,000 during the first three months your account is open

Frequent travelers understand the value of saving money on the little things, which includes things like checked luggage. Anyone with a card has first priority when it comes to boarding, they receive special offers in the mail, and they are considered some of Southwest’s favorite customers.

Barclay Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard

Designed to benefit frequent travelers, this travel card isn’t loyal to one brand. If you’re not loyal to one specific travel brand, it’s the right card for your wallet. You aren’t limited to where you earn your points, how many points you can earn, or where you can spend them.

  • Earn 50,000 bonus miles after spending $3,000 in purchases in only 90 days
  • Bonus points can be redeemed for a $500 statement credit
  • Get 5% of your miles back when you redeem them for travel
  • Earn 2 miles for every dollar you spend anywhere, any time
  • No APR on all balance transfers for the first 12 months your account is open
  • $89 annual fee is waived for one year
  • No foreign transaction fees

The most spectacular aspect of this travel card is the way in which you can redeem your miles. Rather than redeeming them for free travel, they can be redeemed as cash toward your travel purchases. This breaks down so that 10,000 points equals $100 worth of free travel.

Discover it Miles

Discover makes a no-frills credit card for anyone who loves to travel, but doesn’t have any loyalty to any hotel or airline group. There’s no annual fee on this card, the miles earned with each purchase are higher than most every other travel card, and the rewards are simple.

  • Earn 1.5 miles for every dollar spent anywhere you go
  • Earn double the miles at the end of the first year you have this card
  • Points are redeemable for cash at anytime
  • Rewards never expire
  • No fraud liability
  • No penalty APR
  • No annual fee
  • No overlimit fees
  • No late fee on one late payment
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Free FICO score on statement each month

Discover it Miles also allows travelers the chance to take advantage of the Freeze It account. If you want to freeze your card because you cannot find it, suspect someone else has it, or you’re worried about it, you can do it yourself with your mobile app in as little as a minute. Once you’re satisfied all is well with your card and you’re ready to use it again, you can unfreeze it the same way in a matter of seconds.

BankAmericard Travel Rewards Card

Without an annual fee to worry about, every travel reward you earn with this card is profit to you. The sign-up bonus isn’t as strong with this card as it is with others, but it’s not exactly pointless. You’ll earn 20,000 reward points for spending $1,000 in a matter of 90 days, and the other perks are amazing.

  • Earn 1.5 points for every dollar spent on any purchases, all the time with no limits
  • No annual fee
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Points never expire
  • Points are redeemed as a statement credit
  • No APR for one full year
  • Earn 10% more bonus points when you use a Bank of America checking account or savings account

It’s a no-nonsense travel card that offers more than other travel cards. The points are limitless, and they’re higher with each purchase than they are on most other hotel or airline branded cards. This is one you’ll appreciate, and most people end up profiting with this card.

Many people think of travel credit cards as cards co-branded by a specific airline or hotel, and that’s not untrue. However, they’re also cards that are used to earn miles or points redeemable for travel. These cards all offer travelers a chance to save money by not charging foreign transaction fees, money exchange, and each one allows you to earn points at a rapid pace.

To make the most of each card, use it for your everyday purchases, your living expenses, and any other purchases you make throughout the year. Pay the balance in full each month to keep your credit score high and your debt-to-income low. This helps build your credit score and make you look more favorable to other lenders. These cards benefit anyone who travels often, but they might not be the best for those who don’t travel frequently. Compare them to your travel habits, and see which one best fits your lifestyle.

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