Top 5 Ways to Do a Background Check

If you’re meeting a potential employee for the first time and want to know how trustworthy they are, you’re likely wondering what steps will allow you to reach your goal. Although getting to know an individual can provide you with valuable insights, it’s not always enough. You will want to consider running a background check if you would like to avoid unneeded problems. If you choose to investigate the history of a potential employee, it’s vital you use the right background check website for the job.

While people can hide aspects of their legal history, a background check can paint a clear picture of who they are and the decisions they’ve made in the past. In some cases, you’ll learn that you can’t trust someone, which is often a disappointing experience. On the other hand, you could discover that someone has displayed a history of honesty and integrity, putting your mind at ease. The type of background check that you will want to use will depend on your needs, and choosing the right website is important if you don’t want to make any mistakes along the way.

What Is Included in a Background Check?

Before you decide to move forward with the process, you might want to learn what you can expect to find when you run a background check on someone, which is understandable. When your goal is to get accurate and updated information, most sites will require a fee or monthly subscription, so knowing the type of information you will get in advance is wise.

Almost all background checks contain a person’s criminal history, including arrest records, time spent in jail and more. When you run a complete background check, you will also uncover the employment history and credit report of the person in question. You will learn how many jobs a person has had and whether they have a history of making their loan and credit card payments on time.

Why Get a Background Check?

At this point, many people want to know why they should consider running a background check on someone. No matter if you do so for your personal or professional life, performing a background check gives you an idea of how much you can trust a person. Since trusting the wrong person can have devastating results, background checks add a layer of protection that will allow you to make your decision with confidence.

For example, you could learn that someone has a history of theft, and you can keep yourself safe by avoiding that person or securing your valuables. If you run a background check and discover that someone has been arrested for assault more than once, you can decide to keep your distance. Even though people can change, looking at their past behavior is the most reliable way to predict how they will act in the future.

How Will a Background Check Benefit an Employer?

If you run or manage a business and want to hire the best possible candidates, background checks are a vital resource that you won’t want to ignore. Bringing the wrong people on board can be an expensive mistake and cause a lot of setbacks. Since finding, recruiting and training new people are time-consuming tasks, you will want to get it right the first time. Although nothing can guarantee that you will make the right choice, learning about someone’s background will give you an idea of what you can expect from that person if you welcome him onto your team.

In addition to people’s criminal history, their credit report and employment history can tell you how dependable they are. An individual who has had an excessive number of jobs in the past few years is likely to leave your company after a short amount of time, forcing you to find a replacement. Someone with no criminal record who also has a stable job history could be a great addition to your staff.

Best Reporting Sites

You will want to learn what reporting sites are the best so that you can get the information you need at a reasonable price. Many companies that promise to help are on the market, but they are not all equal. The following list will highlight the top five background check companies from which you can choose.

Instant Checkmate

Designed to allow people to look up information on potential partners, Instant Checkmate is a great resource if you only want to uncover basic details. Their prices start at $22 per month, so using the service won’t need to break your budget. If you are looking for a website that has a clean and simple design, you have come to the right place. Each background report is straightforward and easy to read, preventing confusion. When you run a basic search, you will find any aliases the person has used, social media sites, locations, known relatives and more. Although this website allows users to get detailed background reports, you will need to pay extra to do so.

US Search

If you are looking for another option that won’t harm your wallet, US Search could be the solution you need. For $20 each month, you can find information about a person’s past. Paying the fee will give you access to unlimited background reports that contain basic criminal records. If you would like to include a few more details in the report, the site will require you to pay an extra fee for additional information, such as bankruptcies, property records and military service.


If you would like to find someone or uncover the reputation of a business, PeopleWise is the solution for which you have been looking. You can enter a person’s name, age, phone number and location to uncover social profiles and other data. You can even use the service to find property records and the crime index of any neighborhood. You can get started for $25 per month if this option seems appealing to you.


Bankruptcies, criminal reports, tax information and civil judgments are just a few of the things to which you will have access if you use BeenVerified. You can uncover a range of accurate details about the people you want to research once you sign up. If the price of a background check company is a concern, you will be pleased that you can move forward for only $23.


If you are looking for a company that will give you all of the information you want for a flat fee, Intelius can help. For $50 per month, you will have full access to the background data of anyone you want, making this option great for those who don’t want to miss anything. You will find that navigating the website is a quick and easy process.

Final Thoughts

When you meet a friend or hire an employee, learning about the person’s past can provide you with critical insights that will help you make the best possible decision. If you only want basic information, then opting for a cheap background check service is the right call. But those who want to get as many details as possible will want to opt for Intelius, which provides all the reports that you could need for a monthly fee.

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