Top 7 Smartphones For 2017/2018

Technological advances have transformed smartphones into one of the most popular products in the consumer electronics industry. The rapid changes in the design of smartphones can make it hard for you to keep on top of the latest changes in technology. Lucky for you, we’re here to breakdown the top 7 smartphones for 2017 and 2018

iPhone 8/8+

As one of Apple’s newest smartphones, the iPhone 8/8+ includes upgrades to the cameras, as well as a much longer battery life. The cameras received the most changes because of customer feedback presented from usage of the iPhone 7 model. The rear cameras represent the best performing cameras offered by any other style of smartphone. Positive attributes for the rear camera include more power delivered by the 4K video recorder. The slow motion feature is among the most effective cameras for slowing down the filming of wildlife and automobiles.

Testers love the color quality of both still and live images. The level of sharpness and exposure exceeds what you find with similarly priced smartphones. As the first smartphone to shoot HD video at 60 frames per second, the Apple iPhone 8/8+ should be in every budding photographer’s pocket. Starting at $699 and costing as much as $799, the iPhone 8/8+ is designed with rugged materials that resist water and impact damage.

iPhone X

With months of buzz surrounding the release of the iPhone X, we are confident at listing it as one of the top smartphones for 2017 and 2018. Ten years removed from the original iPhone, Apple has completely redesigned the iPhone X to include advanced navigation features and the company’s recently introduced Face ID phone unlocking system. With a starting price point of nearly $1,000, the iPhone X is available in a number of monthly service plans that allow consumers to enjoy the phone without gouging their pockets. The regular installment price plan for 64 GB is $41.96 per month, with a maximum trade-in value allowed of $300.

The iPhone X represents the first Apple Smartphone that comes with an OLED display. Samsung has designed the 5.8-inch OLED display for it, which is larger than the display of the iPhone 8. The OLED display incorporates a diamond PenTile pixel arrangement, with every pixel presented on the screen sharing red, blue, and green sub pixels. Apple customers enjoy a bright, high-resolution display that is perfect for downloading image files.

Google Pixel 2

The Google Pixel 2 represents the second iteration of the first Smartphone offered by Google designed with internal components selected by the search engine giant. Reliable performance defines one of the best attributes of the new Google smartphone. The five-inch compact phone feels super smooth and the polished appearance makes the phone perfect for busy professionals on the go. However, the most noteworthy feature is the super-bright Amoled display screen. With a screen resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels, the touch screen is easily bright enough to overcome the glare from a direct hit by the sun. The high performance camera offers clear images of objects located dozens of yards away.

Google offers 24 hours per day support for the phone, and a few customers might need support after business hours because of the short battery life. Moreover, the Google Pixel makes taking picturesque shots of sunsets near open bodies of water a strategic dilemma. A headphone jack increases the quality of the audio sent out of the smartphone. The Google Pixel runs around $650 from Verizon, Best Buy, and the Google store.

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

Above average aspect ratio displays creates a pleasant viewing experience for users of the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ smartphone. The popular new design of the 2017 model remains the same for the 2018 version of the Samsung S8/S8/+. The Smartphone boasts significant software updates to increase the speed of download rates and the efficiency of the camera. Despite a larger size than other smartphones, the S8/S8+ is somewhat limited by the smaller battery. Samsung promotes the new 10 mm processor inside of the phone to get more out of the small battery, but it isn’t always up to par.

Four gigabytes of RAM and 64GBs of storage space support the new processor, as well as the microSD card slot. Waterproof materials prevent moisture damage caused by accidental runs through a washer or the fumbling of the smartphone into a body of water. The rear camera still includes a 12MP sensor and a f/1.7 lens. Long edges on the display screen curve slightly to the side to create an attractive appearance. The QHD+ resolution presents vivid live and still images to give avid photographers a nice backup tool for taking impromptu shots.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

With a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $950, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 represents one of the pricier smartphones on the market. Samsung offers several packages that allows customers to pay monthly, so you don’t have to pay almost $1,000 up front. Tests reveal the performance of the Note 8 exceeds the already terrific performance of the S8 and S8 Plus. Faster download times and clearer images make the smartphone ideal for independent contractors who often work away from the office.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 performs especially well when interacting on social media apps. If you run a business and need to post updates frequently from a smartphone, you will not find a better performing smartphone than the Note 8. Two cameras expand your photography options and the reduced battery size has not diminished charging time. Although the Note 8 is a great phone, there’s definitely room for improvement.

LG V30

Are you willing to put aside ergonomic flaws to enjoy a high-resolution smartphone screen that presents images taken from two high performance cameras? That is the question you have to ask yourself if you’re looking at the LG V30. The ergonomic issues make the smartphone difficult to hold. The glass and aluminum exterior do not offer enough protection to absorb the impact caused by contact with the ground or floor.

The upside of owning the LG V30 is the incredible high-resolution touch screen. You enjoy super fast downloads because of the powerful processor. Two cameras take professional grade photographs, although it takes a little more time than expected to master all of the buttons. Additional megapixels add plenty of excellent details to shots and the larger lens aperture allows you to zoom in and out with ease. Best Buy offers the LG V30 for $799.99, while Verizon Wireless has boosted the price to $840.

Motorola Moto Z2 Play

Consumers shopping for a smartphone on a budget should consider the Motorola Moto Z2 Play.  Amazon, Best Buy, and Verizon Wireless price the smartphone around $400. The gorgeous touch screen and battery that supplies power all day long represent two of the positive attributes of the Motorola Moto Z2 Play. Rugged materials absorb strong impacts to prevent dents and cracks from diminishing the appearance of the stylish smartphone.

The phone feels too wide to hold and it can cause discomfort if you carry it for extended periods. Although the magnetic back helps secure the phone, the feature does not help you when you need to talk over the phone for several minutes at a time. There have also been problems downloading large files from online software programs, but it’s overall a smart choice if you’re in need of a phone.

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