What are the 5 Best Household Cleaners for Seniors?

If you’re facing issues like illness and limited mobility, the last thing you want is to struggle with your regular cleaning routine.

The easiest way to make sure that you have a clean home is to purchase the right tools for the job. For seniors, this likely means an all-in-one product, which allows you to move from floors to countertops to kitchen cabinets with ease. Many large companies make great all-purpose cleaning products, but it can be a struggle to figure out which ones are actually effective and which try to do too many things at once without excelling at any of them.

The key to assembling a great cleaning tool kit is using multi-purpose products that have great reviews and sticking to these basics. There’s no need to purchase a specific cleaning product for every area of your home.

Today, we’re bringing you to the top five household cleaners for seniors.

1. Swiffer Sweeper + Mop

The easy, lightweight Swiffer Sweeper is a great product to have around your home. It’s composed of a super light head and handle, as well as disposable wet and dry pads. The pads attach into little pockets on the head and pick up dirt and grime without too much scrubbing. They’re extremely light and easy to maneuver, so they can fit into all kinds of tight spots like underneath kitchen cabinets and behind the toilet bowl.

Swiffer offers a few different handles, including ones with built-in vacuum elements as well as a mop-specific handle that comes with a reserve for cleaning liquid. These are all nice features to have, but the basic $12.99 Swiffer Sweeper Floor Mop Starter Kit comes with everything you’ll need, including wet and dry pads. If you purchase your starter kit through their website, you can sign up for a delivery plan that will send refill pads to your door on a regular basis.

2. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Although they aren’t the most environmentally friendly product in the world, it’s hard to beat Clorox Disinfecting Wipes for ease of use. For as low as $5, these handy wipes come in a large tub with a pop-top lid and can easily be pulled out one at a time to clean up a quick mess or spill. Each wipe is imbued with a disinfectant that kills 99.9 percent of germs, so it’s great if you often have young children around or are living with someone who gets sick often.

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes come in three separate scents: Fresh, Crisp Lemon, and Orange Fusion. Keep a container in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. You’ll find it much easier to deal with messes as they occur since you don’t have to go running around for cleaning product and a rag. With Clorox wipes, you’ll always have both at hand.

3. Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap

Dr. Bronner’s is a unique family business that specializes in multi-purpose products, with a focus on Castile soap. Castile soap is an oil-based soap that’s made without animal fats, so it’s ideal for vegetarians and vegans.

Starting at $3 for a two-ounce bottle, Dr. Bronner’s sells their pure Castile liquid soap in a concentrated format, so it’s easy to use for cleaning. You can add it to a bucket of hot water to make a floor cleaner, use it in a more concentrated format to scrub out greasy appliances, or you can throw it in the washing machine to clean your clothes. The oil in the soap locks on to grease, so it’s a great multi-purpose product that’s non-toxic and completely biodegradable.

Dr. Bronner’s sells this soap in a variety of pleasant scents, as well as a plain unscented version.

4. Scrubbing Bubbles

Priced between $2 and $14, Scrubbing Bubbles products are a favorite of many people because of their fast-acting formula. In fact, you can literally see it working before your eyes. Most of their product foam as they’re going on, which they claim helps to dissolve grime and break up even the toughest limescale and soap scum.

Many Scrubbing Bubbles products contain bleach and other tough chemical ingredients, so you may want to use gloves and be careful to open a window when you’re cleaning. They can be used on all types of bathroom surfaces, like ceramic, chrome, and porcelain.

5. Method Glass + Surface Cleaner

If you’re looking for a great all-purpose cleaner but don’t want to resort to products with tons of harmful ingredients, Method is the brand for you. They offer fast-acting, effective cleaners made with plant-based ingredients. Plus, they’re much more environmentally friendly than other brands on the market today.

All their ingredients are laid out on their website and they explain how each one contributes to the cleaning power of that particular product. Then, they lay out the environmental and health impact of each ingredient. It’s a thoughtful touch from a company that’s already devoted to both the environment and human health.

Their Glass + Surface Cleaner works effectively on countertops and other surfaces but doesn’t streak when it goes onto a window or mirror. Even better, it costs as little as $3.


If you’re looking for household cleaning products, it definitely pays to do your research. There are so many products available today, so it seems like a multi-purpose cleaning product that’s actually effective is becoming harder and harder to find.

Our list is a great place to start and will help you compile a great tool kit that will make cleaning a breeze.

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